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My Startup World By Laudy Lahdo, General Manager Middle East

My Startup World speaks to Laudy Lahdo, the General Manager for Middle East at Servcorp about the company, the products it offers and its plans for the region.


Is your business dressed for success?

Starting your own business requires meticulous accounting and careful management – of cashflow, resources and human capital. In an effort to minimise expenditure and maximize cash flow, working from home or a coffee shop may seem like a fiscally prudent approach. But tread carefully.


As you like it

Different types of business have very different needs when it comes to the style of office space that's right for them. While a financial institution may need specialist routing for its trading platforms and faces a raft of security issues, a general trader may need very specific office support and personalised interior decor to set them apart from the crowd.


Leadership in a culture of competition

It's no accident that the SME sector is increasingly the focus of government initiatives and entrepreneurship coaching – it's simply the fastest-moving part of the regional economy. This is true not only in terms of the ferocious competition between businesses, but in terms of what an SME actually does.


How to beat the big players

OVER the last 10 years big business has lost many of the advantages it once had making it increasingly easy for small businesses to compete.