The Business Gate

Zone A, The Business Gate, Airport Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Level 1, Building No. 7

Meeting Rooms at The Business Gate

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About The Business Gate

The Business gate is the result of a vision to assist and alleviate the issues surrounding business and businessmen at Riyadh. The Gate is an 'all under one roof' concept which adheres to its ideals of creating a healthy and progressive work environment which breeds success, efficiency and contentment.

The Business Gate ideals revolve around the significance and importance of sustainability. It prides itself with a healthy and green environment with fresh air and clean surroundings. Seventy six percent of the total area has been allocated for greenery and landscaping. Besides boasting 2000 palm trees, there will be different kinds of trees amounting to 10,000. Embellishing the surroundings with style would be 220 meters of water lagoons and water fountains. All efforts have been made to exceed expectations and provide cutting edge international standards.

The future of business is here at the Business Gate. A perfect home for balancing business and quality of life. Reward yourself with a relaxed, stress-free environment designed exclusively for the discerning business individual.

The Business Gate boasts 24-hour gated physical security with electronic gate passes and electronically advanced CCTV security system. The high tech security system enables security personnel to control the entire premises from parking to reception. The project additionally boasts an automatic fire-alarm system and sprinkler system
Servcorp is located on the 1st floor, as you walk out the elevator; the large granite reception area with views offers an unforgettable experience to any visitor.


30 Minute drive from King Khaled International Airport


Taxis are available 24/7. A taxi pick up can be booked by calling London taxi 920 010 068 and making a reservation or you can catch a ride anywhere on the street.

If you are to succeed
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Ask  if they have unique-password, rocket-fast WiFi – For your security.
Ask to be connected to the internet – How long does it take? 
Ask if the provider is Tier-1.
Ask to be allowed to check download speeds.
Ask to speak to IT support: Are they in-house or a third party? Are they even in the country?
Ask to be given a phone number so you can try the service before you buy.
Ask for a phone rate card.
Ask to meet your dedicated receptionist. The receptionist is the front line of your business.
Ask about disaster transfer.
Ask if your phone extension can roam at no cost to other locations.
Ask if the wireless internet is secure.
Ask what kind of firewall can be set up for your network.
Ask to see the transparency code of the provider.
Ask if incoming callers can dial ‘1’ for voicemail to mobile.
Ask if you can get free calls equal to your connection amount.
Ask if your phone bill is 20% lower than telco rate.

About the area

Within 5 minutes walking distance:

  • Siemens
  • Samsung Engineering
  • Pfizer
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Sony

Recommended lunch places:

Ghornata (Granada) Mall's food court
Steak House, Northern Ring Road
Benihana, Northern Ring Road