Intek Solutions, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

We have been a Servcorp member for over six months. In these six months, IntekDMS and Intek Solutions has grown by 65% and the future looks even more promising. This would not have been possible without our presence at Servcorp Jeddah Branch. Thank you to the Jeddah  team for going the extra mile for our business. We recommend any new venture to start their operations through the world class service that Servcorp offers. I have personally referred several clients to Servcorp and all of them go back to me for a ‘Thank you' for suggesting Servcorp to them. It is good to see that Servcorp is expanding, not only at Jameel square but also opening another branch in Jeddah to cater to the growing demand for such services. I have no doubt that Servcorp's teams will raise the level of customer service through their talented team of professionals. Thank you Servcorp for helping Intek Solutions, UAE to strengthen its image in KSA.

Haseeb T Hasan
CEO Intek Solutions


SGE, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

Servcorp is providing outstanding service and office facilities to SGE as we set up our company and begin business operations in Riyadh.  Our office was “business ready” from the very first day we started occupancy of our space.  The location is in the center of the city in an iconic building.  The office area is modern and spotless. 

SGE has been provided with the best office support staff and modern equipment that any global business needs.  The exceptional internet access, phone answer service, food and beverage service, and meeting facilities rival that of our main USA office.  Servcorp has been an exceptional, and essential, business support company working with us as we enter a new market.  It would have been a more onerous task without them. 

Blake Henderson


Emapsite Middle East LLC, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Emapsite has received first class service since we decided to set up new offices in KSA with great locations in both Jeddah and Riyadh.  Setting up a venture in another country can always be a daunting experience particularly with foreign languages and cultural differences.   The supporting staff have been professional, enthusiastic and always keen to help us with our daily activities such as receiving telephone calls in multi-languages, translating documents and greeting our clients in a professional and friendly manner. Several clients and consultants have told us that they were very impressed with the service they received: they were made to feel very welcome and this then reflected on the perceived reputation of ourselves as well.  As we expand our business we feel confident that we now have great resources in place that we can rely on to support our professionalism and image in the workplace with the flexibility Servcorp offers us to strive ahead in business.

Justin Saunders
Director, Emapsite Middle East LLC.


Private link group for Marketing, al Riyadh- Saudi Arabia

Sending you this letter to thank your esteemed company, which provided us with the best services to manage our business in a sophisticated and organized way, who provides all kinds of support to establish companies whether large or small.

As General Director of Private link group for marketing I also thank each of the team members of Servcorp in al Riyadh, I cannot mention all the great services in my letter as this is a very little part of my satisfied feedback  

Abdulla Al-Omary
General Director of Private link group for marketing


Alesayi Engineering Interior, Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

We are extremely pleased with our presence in Servcorp. We are there because of the availability of services we need especially when starting a new private business, also the perfect work environment and the professional image which is appropriate to welcome our clients, starting from the supportive Servcorp team to satisfy the clients which makes me feel that I have my own office and my own team

And I would like also to draw attention to the wonderful technology, which helps us in managing our business and to the wonderful and practical design of the offices.

I have also benefited from learning and building new relationships with other companies that brought me a new projects opportunities

Thanks to Servcorp for being in Jeddah

Fadwa al Wazer
Alesayi Engineering Interior